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Portrait: Roger Young for HAYO magazine

At 17 years old Roger Young packed up his camera and ran away from the suburb of Westville, near the South African city of Durban. He traveled up the coast to Cape Town, where he has lived intermittently in the years since, establishing an award-winning career as a filmmaker. After a family tragedy struck in his late twenties, Roger spent

The evening train to Khayelitsha

It is 17:35 and one of the trains to Khayelitsha departs from Cape Town’s train station. The masses of people travelling on this line are packed into the train coaches. The carriages get so full that people hang out of the windows and doors or stand in between the coaches. This of course is a dangerous activity but cannot be

Xenophobic attacks in townships across South Africa, May 11 2008

On May 11 2008, an outburst of xenophobic violence in the Johannesburg Township Alexandra triggered more xenophobic violence in other townships. Firstly, it only spread in the Gauteng province. After two weeks, the violence spread to other urban areas across the country, mainly Durban and Cape Town. But it also emerged in townships in more rural areas such as Limpopo

Zimbabweans use social media to rally up support for march, 18 November 2017

Zimbabweans use social media to rally up support for march, 18 November 2017

#ThisFlag #FREEPASTOREVAN #NoCorruption #Justice #NoToPoverty #AriseZimbabwe These are some of the hashtags used by the zimbabwean community and activists across South Africa to gain support for a planned march in Zimbabwe and South Africa. The call is for a new leadership that will “relieve the suffering endured” by the nation under President Robert Mugabe.

Nolungile Community Health Centre in Khayelitsha

South Africa is one of the countries with the highest burden of tuberculosis (TB), with the World Health Organisation (WHO) statistics giving an estimated incidence of 450,000 cases of active TB in 2013. So almost 1% of the population of about 50 million develop active TB disease each year. This is worldwide the third highest incidence of any country after

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