Portrait: Roger Young for HAYO magazine

At 17 years old Roger Young packed up his camera and ran away from the suburb of Westville, near the South African city of Durban. He traveled up the coast to Cape Town, where he has lived intermittently in the years since, establishing an award-winning career as a filmmaker.

After a family tragedy struck in his late twenties, Roger spent nearly a decade living on the streets and grappled with addiction—an experience that has given him a raw perspective of how Cape Town weaves together. His recent work highlights how the city, in the filmmaker’s words, “is still divided along the geographical lines of apartheid, and very unequal.” Having started his career at such a young age, Roger understands the challenges young South African filmmakers face and also works to improve opportunities for local emerging talent.

Here’s the interactive map of Roger’s suggestions and to read the entire article, please check Hayo No. 1: South.

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