The Terminus – Cape Town Central after dark

A series looking at the comings and goings at rush hour at the city central bus terminus in Cape Town.

The Cape Town bus terminus is a place of flux. It is the core point of workers into the city and out to the suburbs on a daily and nightly basis. Hundreds, if not thousands, of commuters travel from the township areas around Cape Town to come to work in the city. In peak hour traffic, this takes a while, resulting in people having to travel in the early hours of the morning to make it to work on time. They arrive before the full light of day, often catching the bus home again only after dark. The atmosphere in the dusk hours and again in the hours before the intense activity of the day, is empty and dark, though alive with commuters who only have this limited transit time to relax, to read their papers and to spend thinking. The long hours of a day’s work go by and again the busses are filled going home, causing a recurring cycle again and again, each and every day. This photo essay documents these hours.

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