Hundreds of pro-Palestinian supporters in Cape Town march on International Quds Day

The last Friday of Ramadan sees hundreds of muslims from Cape Town had shown up in front of the Parliament. Slogans and posters carried out the messages: “Down with Zionism”, “Israel is a terrorist state” and “Free Palestine”.

Al-Quds (Arabic: القدس‎) is the Arabic name for the city of Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine, literally meaning “The Holy One” (quds = holy).

The muslims marched in the streets to commemorate International Quds Day. Al-Quds Day, initiated in 1979 and held on the last Friday of every Ramadan, inspires a humanitarian unity against Israel’s oppression of Palestine, according to Achmad Cassiem, a former South African political prisoner.

Many kids and youngsters were very active in the crowd – some of the public speakers had travelled from Palestine in order to spread their messages. An Israeli flag was burnt in front of the parliament and fired up the crowd. When the event was done everything was back to normal in front of parliament in a matter of minutes. Left was only a burn mark on the tar to show sign of what had just taken place.

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